Explore, inspire, share

Since a little girl I loved exploring my world both literally and figuratively.

Still I do.

But no exploration would make any sense as a lonely endeavour: I strongly feel the real value is in sharing what we may have "discovered": I do this as a consultant, developer, investigator and teacher.

And in this site I'm sharing this with you. My way of course. But with a penchant for technology and helpful things.

Here you will find products and services from my company, Servizi Territorio srl and from me. And, resources for teachers and students. And a blog, where results of last explorations by me and my friends end up along with (from time to time) some reflections and (even!) tales. And, of course, ways to contact me in case you would need my services and help.

So, thank you for your attention, and, welcome.

Me, and a flower
Me, and a flower