My open-source projects

I'm involved in a few open-source projects. Here is a list of some:

  • NanoPart, an example of data-driven Lagrangian particle dispersion model, in which the Langevin equation is computed in near-real-time from readings of a 3D ultrasonic anemometer; development occurred in cooperation with the Department of Physics of Milan University, with contributions by me and my students. (Role: main author)

  • nanopart3 is a new incarnation of NanoPart, in progress, with an emphasis on producing data which may be easily analyzed and presented.

  • normal-deviates, a Fortran module for generating multivariate normal deviates efficiently. The use case of my reference is supporting the writing of data-driven and conventional Lagrangian particle dispersion models. Other uses are possible however.

  • pbl_compare, a module for computing various evaluation/comparison indices used in atmospheric dispersion modeling, like fractional bias, normalized mean squared error and the like. (Role: main author)

  • FastSonicProc, a set of data archiving rules and a library for the fast processing of ultrasonic anemometer data. (Role: main author)

  • CoordsConverter, a set of Fortran modules supporting the conversion between geographic, Gauss-Boaga and UTM coordinates. (Role: main author)

An R library supporting data processing of raw ultrasonic anemometer data by eddy-covariance and planar fit.

A meteorological processor able to make direct use of ultrasonic anemometer and SODAR(/RASS), supporting various dispersion models.

A Fortran 2003-2008 library to help constructing meteorological processors and other micro-meteorological data processing tools.