Impossible to hide: things we do and sell are complex, and possibly not familiar to our clients and users.

Making best use of them demands knowledge, at Servizi Territorio srl provides it both in the form of on-site technical training, and more scientifically-thicker courses.

Basically, whatever object we deliver, we also provide technical training for.

Among the courses we can deliver, I tell you some of the titles:

  • The Planetary Boundary Layer and atmospheric dispersivity for technical uses

  • SODAR and SODAR/RASS data handling and processing using the open-source MODOS library.

  • Raw ultrasonic anemometer data handling and processing using the open-source libraries SonicLib and pbl-met.

  • Modern Fortran programming, basic module.

  • Modern Fortran programming, advanced/parallel module.

  • Linux command line use and management, basic module.

  • Linux systems administration.

  • Linux application programming.

  • Management and programming of Campbell Scientific data loggers in CR-Basic.

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Courses and technical training