Advanced meteorological stations and sensors provide advanced data.

That is, most often than not, impressive piles of numbers to interpret and maybe integrate in management procedures. A client of ours, for example, is using SODAR profiles to steer emission control depending on actual wind above stack altitude.

Tasks like this need purposely developed software gathering the application-relevant data and rendering them to a form useable in actuality.

And here we of Servizi Territorio srl come.

Together with the client we identify the system requirement, and devise an initial architecture. The steps then following depend on the context, and the nature of the system to be constructed.

Attention is given anyway to the new system co-existence with other extant systems, and security policies.

Data transmission is often a sensitive issue, and we can suggest viable, sensitive alternatives choosing the most suitable among an array of technologies.

This, by the way, is a style. We don't want to restrict out customer options to devices and techniques we're bound to - in fact we're technology-agnostic - and rather focus on what is really needed, and how better should it be deployed.

Custom data acquisition and processing