Useful recent research papers and essays
  1. The new pbl_met library: technical description

  2. Time-lapse photography and its teaching use in the field of boundary layer meteorology

Recent conference posters
  1. The Hypatia Project: proposal for a new "talkative", publication-proof generation of data-loggers

  2. Use of drones in micro-meteorology: experience made in use of lightweight drones in support of micro-meteorological applications (e.g. estimating the aerodynamid surface roughness)

  3. Reflections about Reynolds Decomposition: the "Reynolds postulates" as a subset of axioms defining "generalized means" in the space of differentiable (and highly variable) functions of time

  4. Simple estimation of shortwave solar radiation: a microcontroller-friendly algorithm for estimating the clear-sky global solar radiation given time and position

  5. Gli anemometri ultrasonici del Servizio Meteorologico Regionale della Lombardia

  6. A detailed comparison between urban and rural circulation at two nearby sites: the serendipitous case of a test station which should have been stopped, but it wasn't, and for about one year collected a mass of data which later proved extremely precious