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I strongly feel that Nature, its complex beauty, its indifference to our individual fates, and our belonging to it are something no one can claim as their property, to hoard and hide. They should be shared. Access to knowledge of the basic principles shaping our physical World and life itself is, in my view, a foundational right of individuals, and a duty in the same time.

Sure I'm not some "top" figure of science. But even my tiny endeavors are worth sharing, for both our sense of marvel and dignity of life, and active citizenship. And here some things I have written and am writing in this regard.

The Planetary Boundary Layer: what it is, and why should we all know about it

Some contributions of mine to the AISAM Newsletter

AISAM (acronym of "Associazione Italiana di Scienze dell'Atmosfera e Meteorologia") is an Italian scientific and professional association with the primary mission to promote the knowledge and development of meteorology and related fields (included the study of my beloved Planetary Boundary Layer). From time to time it distributes an open-access Newsletter: maybe, as a member of AISAM, I'm not the most qualified person to say so, but this Newsletter, although not peer-reviewed, is really well done and interesting. And also from time to time I submit contributions mostly dealing with sensors, data acquisition and processing systems, and other stuff - all at a "simple" level. And here is a list of (some of) them:

Things just beautiful...

The Nature, with its pervasive presence around and in us, is a constant source of marvel from whatever point we can observe it. Its fluid-dynamical side is no exception...

  • Does micro-scale circulation help alien insects? The advantage of having a brother who is a reputed zoologist... 😊 Here you may find an article written by us two (in Italian) investigating a natural "crime": the recent invasion of Valtellina by Ips typographus and the consequent massive damages to spruce forests. May the murderer be physics itself? And in particular, micro-circulation? If you want to discover, then follow the link.