Scientific and Technical Stuff

SODARs can be operated as replacements of wind towers in wind farm and turbine siting and performance evaluation. In Italy SODARs are seldom used in this application. But, which are the specific advantages of SODARs in this use case? Undoubtedly, SODARs are small sized and pose no significant safety problem, compared with conventional wind tower. But what else could we expect from them?

Disdrometric radars provide similar information to disdrometers', just, on a vertical column rather than at a point. Because of this, a network of disdrometric radars can enable calibrating meteorological radars, allowing to transform qualitative precipitation data in quantitative.

For us at Servizi Territorio srl, a "conventional" meteorological station is a low-performance version of an "advanced" station. We construct also conventional stations of course, and in this article (in Italian) you may find an interesting one: not "advanced", but surely very high-end.


Ultrasonic anemometry and thermometry

The physical principle on which functioning of the ultrasonic anemometer is based is usually presented in a simplified way, illustrating just the "phylosophy" under ideal conditions, but hiding both possible issues and the reasons of this instrument power. This technical report (in English) addresses this problem by providing a deeper than usual view - and stopping behind the fringe of industrial secrets and patents.