SonicLib: an R suite for processing raw ultrasonic anemometer data




My role in project

One of the authors, lead developer and maintainer.


You may find it in the project repository.


Ultrasonic anemometers surely are very promising wind, temperature and turbulence sensors. But, they provide quite a lot of data, orders of magnitude more than conventional sensors like cup-vane anemometers. Distilling useful information from this huge mass of numbers demands using specific processing methods, among which eddy-covariance or planar fit.

SonicLib provides just that possibility.

The SonicLib project began around 2012 in the Department of Physics of Milan University, with me as main developer and my lab students (some of whom are today colleagues of mine) providing significant contributions.

The library has grown quite a lot since its first introduction, and extended to treating "scalars" in addition to the wind vector and temperature (namely water vapor, carbon dioxide, ammonia and methane, from open- and closed-path sensors).